Dream and Invent

We are in need of massive disruption on how we evaluate new ventures and promising technologies that can push humanity forward.

About Us

Something that has plagued society is that we have too many copycat startups or projects that don't push society forward. Many people have been driven by greed or clout over impact, when in reality being driven by impact can be just as profitable. Society has been over engineering the simplest things from having wireless toothbrushes to needing to be reminded when you are in a relationship. Reputable venture capital firms have been funding things that don't really fulfill a purpose just because it seems like it can make a quick buck. DigitalCPR doesn't want to be a typical firm. DigitalCPR wants to operate differently. People should be driven by impact and the innovation.

We should be on a mission to look for big ideas worth noticing. Society needs to find that mad person who thinks they can push humanity forward and light up the world with a beautiful mind. How can we protect the environment? What about solving food waste? How about exploring the universe? What technology can light up this world? How can we impact low income communities? How do we impact modern medicine? How about solving the mental health crisis? Good technology can inspire people. People can look up to the sky and be inspired to dream again. DigitalCPR's mission is simple, take risk on ideas that might be worth taking risks on. This is DigitalCPR's mission as a firm. How can we impact people if we allow them to dare to dream again?

Our Portfolio

Having a history of trying to build truly innovative and game changing products is hard to come by. DigitalCPR wants to go above and beyond in the technologies being scouted.

Air Powered Batteries

Compressed air energy storage pushing for a very abundant form of power

A Decentralized Internet

One of the fastest growing protocols out there for powering the world's largest grid network.

Underwater Wireless Networks

Underwater Wireless Networks also used for sensory networks to help monitor our oceans. "Aquatic IOT".

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